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This page is dedicated to some of the DisneyLies.com's staff's favorite Web sites. Visit them! Enjoy them! But beware -- some of them may contain actual facts!!!

Note: Some Web sites are listed on this page but not linked to for one reason or another. Maybe it's because the site's owner asked not to be linked, maybe it's because we just got tired of typing all that link code, maybe we're just making this whole thing up, who knows?

Abatementland: Detailed photographic documentation of ongoing Disneyland abatement activities. Incredible numbers of obsessively detailed photos, including extended time-lapse views of ducts and crawlspaces. There's also a shocking expose of the abatement industry's union pressure on Disneyland to put asbestos in all Disney California Adventure attractions so that it could be removed later. And just wait until you hear what the Matterhorn is really full of! Warning: sensitive individuals may wish to avoid the tribute to damaged lungs.

Atommicmobiles: Ever wonder how Tomorrowland would be different if everything were powered by a gigantic nuclear reactor that was the centerpiece of a rebuilt Space Mountain? This is the site with the answer! The Webmaster has even spent years working on a complete 3D animated walkthrough of the rebuilt land, including simulation of the bizarre (if a bit speculative) problem of guests suffering from a radiation-induced shrinking mutation!

Doomed Buggies: Easily the grimmest Disney site in existence -- and one of the most popular. Doomed Buggies chronicles in excruciating, visceral detail every injury and death caused by a Disneyland vehicle. There's everything here from the guy whose foot got smooshed when he was hit by a runaway Autopia car on Main Street to the woman who lost her life when she stood up in her boat in the middle of the Pirates of the Caribbean ship-battle scene to protest the violence and suggest arbitration -- and had her speech cut short by a cannonball. The Webmaster -- who calls himself "Cook Carnage" -- also runs a Web site that caters in incredible detail to the dozens of fans of Disneyland's long-gone pack mules ride.

Edison Square: The first rock band with an all-Disney lineup! Check out "Welcome to the Jungle (Cruise)" -- it's a great song!

Fantaflush: Pictoral history of Fantasyland bathrooms in all Disney parks.

Futureland: A site completely devoted to Disneyland attractions that do not yet exist. This is the place to come if you want to read all about Peoplemover II, the new, downgraded, even-less-expensive Innoventions, and The Cavern of Pixar Sequels. The site has a fair record of correctly predicting the future -- it nailed Indiana Jones and the extensive Tiki Room rehab, but was far off the mark with a glowing description of a rebuilt Tomorrowland and the prediction that "something great will be going into the submarine lagoon before everyone who experienced the original attraction is dead."

Hideous Disney Hag: A woman who brags that she's "the ugly lass with the annual pass" hosts a forum for articles and discussion of everything Disney. Regular visitors here are generally grim, self-deprecating, and just plain depressing. Beware the color scheme!

Keith's Disneyland Page: Keith's daily Disneyland Resort trip reports, free from the constraints of common English usage and nefarious spell-checking. Digital pictures of Keith's family at Disneyland. Digital pictures of Keith's friends at Disneyland. Digital pictures of Keith's finger in front of his camera's lens at Disneyland. Webcam of the ever-growing pile of napkins that Keith actually used at Disneyland. Shrine to a picture of a cute girl that Keith was almost going to ask if she'd like to share a churro with him but then the Casey Jr. Circus Train arrived and she was lost forever. Note: All photos are unreduced three-mexapixel jpegs, so over a dial-up connection some pages may take as much as a week to load.

Keith's Disneyland Blog: Minute-by-minute reporting on obsessive Disney fan Keith. What does he think about Disneyland's plans for the future? How does he like today's Blue Bayou special? What are his philosophical leanings when it comes to theming? Will his book of sonnets to the cute woman who plays Alice in Wonderland ever find a publisher? How does he like living with his mom? What's his hair up to? Who the hell is he? It's more detail than you'll ever need!

Mole Hill Media: This well-written, reporter-style site is updated every week day and owes its fame to its claim that its employees have contacts with bitter, disgruntled employees throughout Disney. Articles generally focus on some small detail of Disney parks or business (e.g. the disk capacity of the animation department's computers, the effect of Disneyland's fireworks on the weather, the color of Michael Eisner's shoes) and describe in incredible detail how it will lead to the company's ruin. One semi-regular column, "What the Hell," chronicles mistakes and misstatements in recent articles. It's usually very long.

Mouse's Age: An incredibly pedantic site, Mouse's Age is dedicated to photographically documenting signs that Disneyland is showing its age. Drop a candy wrapper on Main Street in the morning, and you can be sure that there will be a photograph of it on this site before you go to bed.

Mouse Street: An entire site dedicated to the street Mickey Mouse grew up on.

Pavilion of Truth: An edifice dedicated to glorifying those who take the extra step to ensure that knowledge and integrity are the code words of the day.

Rodent World: Everything you'd want to know about Disneyland and Walt Disney World, all written from a mouse's perspective. It's a neat idea but once the novelty wears off, it's a tad cheesy (no pun intended!)

Shave Disney: The members of Shave Disney believe that the company could return to its former days of glory if it would, "just take a little off the top."

Shriekscape: You want wild unsubstantiated rumors? This is the site that "shrieks" them from the rooftops! Shriekscape is where we first learned that Superstar Limo would be expanded into an entire land, a psychic was channeling the spirit of one of Disneyland's original Imagineers to design new attractions for California Adventure, and Mickey Mouse would be appearing nude in Playgirl. Sure, sometimes it's accurate, but most of the time it's just fun.

Snoops: If you can't get enough urban legends, delight in unsubstantiated rumors, or just plain believe every damned thing you hear, then this is the site for you! The folks at Snoops, all licensed private investigators, have dedicated themselves to finding out the bitter truth behind even the most delightful of legends. Think Disneyland is the happiest place on earth? Wrong! That title rightfully belongs to Clearwater, Idaho. Think "Steamboat Willie" was a delightful cartoon diversion? Wrong! It was a horrific piece of Nazi propaganda. Nothing gets past these folks, and they aren't adverse to a little wiretapping or lockpicking if a wire or a lock stands between them and the truth.

Sobbing City: Rant in the forums. Shop in the store. Peruse the copious advertising. There's so much good stuff here it'll make you cry.

Superpark Thrillseekers: Want to have even bigger thrills at Disneyland? Then give some of the tips on this site a try! Where's the best place to swim back from Tom Sawyer Island? How can you fool ride systems so you can ride Star Tours without the annoying safety belt and bounce around the cabin like a real astronaut? What exactly is "surfing the monorail?" Go to the site, fill out the waivers, and you'll see! Note: This site, the brainchild of the late Brian Urchin, has not been updated since his death.

Ticket Defense: Dedicated to defending Disney management's policy of raising park admission prices every couple of months and making kids just out of diapers buy "adult" tickets. (Site no longer active.)

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