Liar's Guide to Disneyland

Liar's Guide to DisneylandHot off the presses a few years back, it's Liar's Guide to Disneyland -- the only completely useless travel guide to the Disneyland Resort!

Within these hallowed pages, you will find:

  • A completely misguided history of Disneyland
  • Details of cast member secret vocabulary and mysterious in-park radio communication codes
  • Tips for enjoyable traveling (whether you're psychic, Amish, or lactose intolerant)
  • Descriptions of Disney hotels (including the fabulous Hollywood Tower Hotel)
  • Suggestions for how to get thrown out of the park
  • Complete touring plans for parents, people who love Disneyland Resort bath rooms, and those who only want to turn left (among others)
  • Completely misinformed descriptions of all rides and attractions, including some that don't even exist
  • Several bad illustrations featuring robots
  • Lengthy comments from readers of the nonexistent previous edition
  • Copious bizarre appendices

We're talking about more than 300 pages of completely new misinformation about the Disneyland Resort, custom made to have the Disney fanatic in your family either laughing uproariously or contacting a lawyer. Just $18.95. Or if you feel more comfy purchasing the book through Amazon, use the link in the box at right. Seriously, what more could you want?

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