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It is our belief that Disney wanted his work to be enjoyed, and in that spirit we like to encourage our readers to experience Walt Disney's films and attractions with all practicable frequency. Obviously, studying and completing school work cuts into valuable video-watching and theme-park-vising time. That's why DisneyLies.com is proud to offer its free Homework Help service.

If you have been assigned Disney-related homework, send us your questions (using the e-mail address below), and if they are particularly interesting or would require a lot of research, we will answer them on these pages in typical DisneyLies fashion. (Don't expect us to answer all e-mail inquiries personally, we're no gluttons for punishment).

This section of the site is a repository for papers on Walt Disney and related topics which you are welcome to copy and use as your own work (just so long as you don't post them to another Web site -- that would be mean). We have a number of papers that cover the topics most requested by our school-age readers. If you don't see what you need for your assignment, let us know -- we love suggestions!

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