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2003 Annual Disney Trivia Quiz Answers

For those of you who were playing along at home, here are the answers for 2003's Annual Disney Trivia Quiz questions.

  1. Gaston's pocket
  2. 37 (24 on Wednesdays)
  3. Because the name of the show location, "Club Buzz," is a noun phrase, not an imperative command
  4. In excess of a quarter of a million pounds (without feathers)
  5. You'd be arrested
  6. Her hairdresser
  7. 18 cents/share
  8. Mr. T, the Backstreet Boys, Cher
  9. Blue with an ochre fringe
  10. Nala's podiatrist
  11. The Republic of Qua tar
  12. Walt Disney, until 1964, after which time Sonny Bono
  13. Trick question: Stromboli actually has the largest capacity
  14. Some kind of snow cone
  15. Amnesty International
  16. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty (the video is currently illegal in most of the civilized world, and unavailable for sale to minors everywhere else)
  17. Timon's backside
  18. 20,000 Leagues Up in a Tree (get it?)
  19. The price of churros
  20. Her umbrella
  21. Donald "Duck" Dunn and Clarence "Ducky" Nash
  22. Orange juice
  23. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
  24. The outcome would have been significantly the same, with the major difference being that Kennedy's reputation would have been preserved at the expense of Castro's government
  25. Some guy named Bart
  26. Mexican print dresses and kryptonite
  27. Alice's cat's bow's maker's watermark
  28. More than three thousand pounds of beef and pork byproducts
  29. The Empire State Building (by 50%)
  30. Money. Just plain money.
  31. Disney dollars were taken off the gold standard
  32. Some kind of unidentifiable growth
  33. Accusations of subliminal dope smuggling
  34. "X"
  35. Mickey Mouse, although there is some debate over the possibility that Minnie might have taken the position on two occasions but remained largely undetected due to the confusion and her talent for imitation
  36. Because if they do, they'll be out of a job
  37. 1942
  38. A "Martian" invasion
  39. Because it's a family film
  40. Jessica Rabbit in Playboy
  41. Under The Rescuers Down Under
  42. His mother (leading to a painful divorce)
  43. A virus
  44. The aftermath of the World War II, leading to a global shortage, rationing, and, eventually, Disneyland's first "E ticket" attraction
  45. He was computerized!
  46. Eaten by the Big Bad Wolf
  47. Her "coon skin cap"
  48. 13,228 light bulbs
  49. A two-megaton device in a package addressed to the corporate offices of Dreamworks
  50. He died

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