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June 2005

Disneyland Resort

"I work in the maintenance department and wanted to share the below photo with you. That's right -- it's the animatronic Abraham Lincoln dressed in a Tinker Bell outfit. Cute, huh?"

"The recent increase in the price of a Disneyland ticket got me thinking. But not much."

"Has anyone else gotten a chance to ride in the Herbie car on the Autopia? It seems a little unwieldy to me. Maybe they should have made it small like the other cars?"

"I was at Innoventions yesterday when Asimo went out of control. It took six security guards to stop it (that thing is strong!) and they didn't get it subdued until it had inexorably interrupted my video game and stole a kid's balloon."

"There was a recent announcement that the $2,500 Disneyland anniversary event package was being modified so that it was pretty much the same as the $50 event, except that we all get an extra collectible pin. If I wasn't so much into pin trading, I'd be really upset about this."

"Check out eBay. DL is selling the old track from SM [Space Mountain -- Ed], unassembled, and delivery available only after you sign a massive waiver. Bidding is already up over $196,000!"

Disney Films

"I was really surprised to hear that Disney is phasing out its live-action film divisions in favor of computer animation. I mean, I know that this hasn't been a great year for films, but I think they're cracked when they say that audiences are just not interested in traditionally filmed films any more."

"The decision to release Chicken Little in 3D interactive smell-o-vision seems like just a big marketing ploy to me. They want to be able to say, See, people really do like computer animation better, when really kids will just be coming to the theaters in bunches to see the live chickens."

"I think that the Country Bear Vacation Hoedown and Christmas sequels are going to blow just as much as the original. I just hope there are more car chases and explosions and less salmon eating this time around."

"I'd like to hear what people would suggest Disney do for their new Combinations line of direct-to-video sequels. Personally, I'd like to see Oliver & Co. combined with 101 Dalmations (and this time let Cruella win!) It also might be cool to see the Rescuers team up with Basil of Baker Street to help the mice from Cinderella out of some jam."

The Legal Department

"California has decided that Disneyland rides must conform to the same safety specifications as any other vehicles. This is going to mean big changes, particularly for the Autopia, since its cars do not meet even minimal DMV requirements. All the park's trains are going to have to be made like other public-transportation trains in the state, too, meaning that they will have to be enclosed and unreliable and not make a profit."

"I heard that the All-Lies.com skull t-shirts (link) are getting scrutiny from Disney legal because they look like Mickey ears. That just makes no sense! I did get some weird looks when I wore mine to DL, though."

The Site

"There was a recent Sacramento Bee article on exhibitionism that mentioned DisneyLies.com. Too bad that all the attention forced them to take the photos out of the 'Naughty' section of the site. They were my favorite part!"

Michael Eisner

"In answer to the question, 'where do you think Michael Eisner should be buried,' I answer, 'wherever he is right now.'"

"Thanks to everyone who responded to my poll about what Michael Eisner should do after leaving Disney. Unfortunately, most of your responses couldn't be posted here because they violated the board's decency policy."

Liar's Lounge

"Does anyone else here think that Darkbeer is sexy? There's just something about a guy who knows everything about FASTPASS that makes me feel all wiggly inside, in a good way."

"I'm really lonely and wearing nothing but mouse ears. Are there any cute girls in the Anaheim area that aren't doing anything tonight?"

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