Frequently Asked Questions

Is this site for real?

Yes. Every page in this site contains actual, real, unverified lies about Walt Disney, the Disneyland Resort, Disney films, and/or other things Disney.

So when you say "lies" what you really mean is that these are true things that you can't verify, or rumors, or things that are true but that you could be sued for saying them, right?

No, they're outright lies.

Okay, so what's the point?

What's the point of climbing a mountain or drilling a hole through your own head?

So how do you make money doing this?

So far, we don't. However, you're welcome to send the DisneyLies.com staff a present to give the mail carrier something to do and help build our reference library.

If I e-mail you, will your response be full of lies?

Probably not. It depends on what you're writing about and how credulous you sound. However, if you ever see us posting on a Disney discussion board, you won't find us spouting any unlabeled untruths there. That would be bad show. You can't trust a thing we say in an interview, though.

Where can I find info on people who have died at Disneyland?

DisneyLies.com is a happy site and that's not the kind of thing we dwell on here. Even Disneyland has become more sensitive about this in recent years. In the fire station on Main Street there is a chalkboard where the number of park injuries and deaths used to be recorded. These days, the board is left blank. And that is as it should be.

Will you link to my Disney-related Web page from your site?

Not unless it's really impressive or you pay us a ton of money.

Will you review my Disney-related book?

Sure! Send us a review copy and we'll do what we do best (wink, wink).

This site is not endorsed, approved, or secretly funded by the Walt Disney Corporation (or any corporation with a legal department). All information on this site is, to the best of our knowledge, false. If any significant true information slips through, we apologize for that. Since we don't check any of what passes for facts around here, mistakes are bound to happen. Contents © 2003–2014 so don't go stealing anything, okay?

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