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Naughtiness in Tomorrowland

Selected quotes relating stories of extreme naughtiness in Tomorrowland.

Adventure Thru Inner Space

"This was the king of make-out rides. It was dark and slow and people thought nobody could see them -- except for the giant eyeball at the end, of course! Whenever a likely looking couple asked how long the ride lasted, we'd tell them it lasted like half an hour and hope that their Atommobile would emerge from the exit while they were still in a significant state of indecency."

"My parents told me that you could join the 'Angstrom High Club' by going all the way on Adventure Thru Inner Space. They told me I was conceived there, which is just creeps me out to think about." -- S.C.


"It would seem like all of the foliage in the Autopia would make it a great make-out spot. Well beware! I snuck back into the bushes with my girlfriend once when we were both in high school. We found a nice place where a wall of bushes would give us cover and settled down to getting serious. It was going great, then the Monorail went by! I'd forgotten all about that! The Monorail was so high that we were in full view, and a group of kids made cat calls at us. I hope to God nobody took a picture. Aaaaaah!" -- M.E.

Carousel of Progress

"My wife, who wasn't my wife at the time, and I discovered the thrill of going all the way in public on the Carousel of Progress. There were other people in the room, but we were all the way in the back and snuck down between the rows of seats. With the robots talking, it was like doing it with her parents in the room! When the ride changed to America Sings, we went for it again, although it took a few times going through the attraction before we got a good opportunity. Also, we were a little older and more cautious. We haven't been able to figure out how to manage it in Innoventions yet. Suggestions?" -- R.D.


"There used to be these gigantic phone booths at the exit to Circlevision. They were big enough for a bunch of people to get in and they had speakerphones in them. On gradnight, kids would go in there and have sex like they were hotel rooms. What sense does that make? Most of the walls were glass! When they did that, we'd go into another phone booth and call them. Strangely enough, sometimes we couldn't because they were on the phone. Who the heck would they be calling during sex? I don't even want to know." -- A.D.

Disneyland Monorail

"I've heard that there is a video of a woman stripping on the Monorail. I haven't seen that, but once when I was riding the Monorail, I did see a couple down in the bushes near the Autopia going at it like rabbits. My friends and I called out, 'Woo hoo,' and the guy jumped in the air like the girl was suddenly on fire! I took pictures!" -- P.G.

Mission to Mars

"Mission to Mars stood empty for a long time after it closed. We once snuck into the building and did it in the mission control room. The animatronic figures were gone and it was pretty dirty in there -- my friend's skirt was like black from sitting on one of the control panels -- but it was so cool! It was like something Captain Kirk would have done!" -- T.M.

Monsanto House of the Future

"It was a house with a bed an everything. Use your imagination. Cast members did!" -- M.H.


"The PeopleMover was like a rolling hotel. Kids were constantly necking and doing other things on it. I guess they didn't realize how many cameras we had because the ride could be really dangerous if you got out of your vehicle. Once the guy watching the cameras saw a couple really going at it. He stopped the ride right in front of a camera and called us all over to look! They were in the super-speed tunnel, too. You can probably think of a dirty joke to go along with that." -- A.B.

"Years ago a couple of kids were having sex on the PeopleMover on gradnight. Because of some problem, the ride vehicle had to be stopped, and this startled the guy so much that he 'let loose.' The girl ended up pregnant, and her mother sued Disneyland for stopping the ride so fast. I'm not sure how much she won." -- B.C.

Rocket Rods

"I tried to get something going with my girl the one time we went on the Rocket Rods, but the thing kept jerking so much that it was impossible. They really should have banked the turns or something." -- L.B.

Star Tours

"A friend of mine was a cast member at Disneyland, and on two separate occasions she took a guy down into the area below the entrance walkway in Star Tours and went all the way with him. This is in the room where the robots are being repaired, and she didn't even wait until the ride was closed or anything. Isn't that just wrong? It's like you're defiling Disneyland and Star Wars at the same time." -- B.T.

Star Trader

"This is going to sound really wrong, but there is an area in the Star Trader, where the PeopleMover used to go, where you can stand and nobody can see you. I think it's where the Storm Trooper figure used to stand. I know how to get up there and I keep inviting guys to go up with me because I think it would be incredible to really get into it while all those people were shopping just around the corner. Nobody will go with me though. Maybe it's my breath?" -- L.B.


"The whole second level of the Starcade, where they used to have pinball machines and stuff, is closed, but you can sneak up the escalator ramp if nobody is looking. It's not all that clean, but there's plenty of room and you won't get interrupted. I've gone up there with my girlfriend twice. I think that's a pretty good use for the space -- almost as good as when they had air hockey." -- A.Q.

Submarine Voyage

"We once snuck down into one of the old Submarine Voyage submarines, thinking that would be a cool place to get together. But it was pretty nasty inside -- standing water six inches deep on the floor, a real mess. So instead of getting laid, we just got depressed. We'd both loved that ride." -- C.N.

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