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Naughtiness in New Orleans Square

Selected quotes relating stories of extreme naughtiness in New Orleans Square.

Blue Bayou Restaurant

"Once when the Blue Bayou was closed for maintenance but Pirates was still open, two of us went out in the dining area 'under the stars' to make the Monte Cristo sandwich of love on a tablecloth on the floor." -- R.K.

The Disney Gallery

"When you enter the gallery, turn left and there is a little hall. The door on the left of the hall leads to a room that is hardly ever open to guests, and it has a nice view overlooking the river. Very romantic! I use it all the time with other cast members, select guests, visiting dignitaries -- even by myself. Seriously, they should charge me rent!" -- C.M.

Haunted Mansion

This is one of two attractions that we've had the most reports of people getting naughty on. Here are a few of the most interesting stories.

"The ride stopped twice while we were on it, and the second time we thought we would be there forever and just kind of let ourselves go. I just got my blouse off when the ride started again, and my sleeve must have been hanging out because it got ripped out of my hand. I saw an exit so I jumped out and hid there -- I didn't have a bra on -- and my boyfriend was supposed to get me a shirt and come back. But I guess they can tell when someone gets out of their car because they found me right away. Fortunately they just thought it was funny and gave me a shirt." -- D.M.

"My girlfriend and I got to be total Haunted Mansion experts. I don't even like the ride that much, but we went on it over and over for like four hours until we could get the timing down. When we finally got it right and got all the way with just enough time to put ourselves together before the hitchhiking ghosts, we stepped out of the Doom Buggy to find ourselves facing six cast members. We thought we were in big trouble, but they just stood there grinning and gave us a round of applause. I swear we thought nobody could see us." -- D.G.

"There's a catwalk above the floating candle area. It's not huge, but it's big enough if you're careful and really desperate. I only tried it once and I was so busy worrying about falling or getting caught that I had trouble getting into it, but then when I did I accidentally made a bit of noise and I heard a guest in one of the Doom Buggies say something about having heard a ghost. Funny!" -- M.L.

Pirates of the Caribbean

This is the other attraction that gets the most action. I guess there's just something about New Orleans Square that puts people in the mood.

"Here's a hint -- don't start doing anything heavy until you're down both of the big drops. It can really hurt. Especially if you've only been on Pirates in Florida and aren't expecting them. Like me. Ow!" -- O.T.

"It's easy to get an empty Pirates boat late at night. Just make sure there's nobody behind you and you're all set! I've done this twice, and both times I made pirate noises the whole time. The second time, I think the girl thought I was insane." -- J.S.

"I checked under the skirt of the auction-scene Redhead. Nothing interesting to report." -- A.A.

"I really, really loved the Pirates movie, so the next time I went to Disneyland I brought my vibrator with me and went on the ride so I could fantasize about Johnny Depp. It just wasn't the same." -- D.M.

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