Disneyland Resort

Naughtiness on Main Street

Selected quotes relating stories of extreme naughtiness on Main Street U.S.A.

Disneyland Railroad

"At night, near closing when the park is open late, you can sometimes find a train car that has no passengers. Most of the cars have long bench seats, which is a plus, and fooling around while the Primeval World Diorama goes by is totally surreal." -- S.S.

"I went with a girl who knew some people who worked at Disneyland and she was able to get us special passes so that we could ride all by ourselves in Walt Disney's private train car. We made the most of the opportunity for a couple trips around the park, but she kept calling me Walt all during it, which was weird." -- L.D.


"The Emporium has some pretty big backstage stock areas. I worked a special event where the park was open all night and we were all working really long shifts, getting stressed out and tired. We needed some way to relieve the stress, and believe me by the end of the night some of those big comfy piles of Mickey t-shirts had gotten quite a workout." -- P.B.

Main Street Cinema

"It's dark and that little dais in the center makes you feel like you're on stage. You just have to keep your eyes open for the flash of light when someone opens the curtains to come in. It can give you really weird associations with Mickey Mouse cartoons, though." -- M.M.


"Nobody can see what you're doing when you're on the top level of the Omnibus. At least I hope nobody can see what you're doing." -- S.L.

The Walt Disney Story, featuring "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln"

"We were newlyweds and happened to be the only people in the theater when the show started. That gave us an idea and we started to get it going, but then I looked up and I swear Abe Lincoln was looking right at me. I called it off right there, and I swear now I get embarrassed if I even look at the face of a penny." -- M. T. L.

Refreshment Corner

"There's an old storage room beneath the Refreshment Corner that isn't used any more. Because of some construction, you can't even get there too easily. A bunch of CMs made it up like a little party pad. There's even a 'water bed' filled with Coke syrup from upstairs!" -- D.P.

Walt's apartment

"This place is like the official cast-member love pad. The bed's comfy and the fridge is always full of beer. Don't tell the suits!" -- J.K.

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