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Naughtiness in Frontierland

Selected quotes relating stories of extreme naughtiness in Frontierland.

Festival Arena

"We jumped the fence and went into the Festival Arena area. This is when they weren't doing the Hunchback show any more. We actually went up and did it right there on the stage! It was a little splintery, though, so we had to be careful. The area's a lot more remote than you might think, but we got out of there pretty fast anyway, just in case. I think it's a petting zoo now, which is pretty funny if you've got a perverted mind."

Frontierland Shootin' Exposition

"Back before they had the light-activated targets, I once asked a girl if she'd like to come into the shooting gallery after it was closed so we could have some privacy. She said no, 'You'll shoot your eye out!'"

Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland (name)

"This is a long time ago, mind you, but I used to sneak girls into the Rainbow Caverns. You could sit back in the dark and nobody could see you, even if a train went through. We'd kiss and mess around a bit but not get too heavy. Like I said, this was a long time ago. I don't think premarital sex had even been invented yet."-- L.P.

Sailing Ship Columbia

"Below decks on the Columbia is, I think, the only place at Disneyland that they have actual beds that you can use. My girlfriend and I actually were going to try them out once, but they were really cramped and uncomfortable and we didn't have any way to know if someone was coming downstairs so we had to give up. It makes you wonder how explorers in those days ever got any at all!" -- M.A.

The Golden Horseshoe Stage

"Back when the Golden Horseshoe Review was running, my fiancée and I had the upper balcony booth. I don't think there was anyone else on the second level. We somehow started getting amorous, and there was some blouse-unbuttoning action going on when someone -- I think it was Wally Boag, but I don't remember the show that well -- fired a gun and said something that made me think it was a hint that we'd been seen. I think I wet myself!" -- J.H.

Tom Sawyer Island

"Couples are always sneaking off into the bushes or the off-limits areas of Tom Sawyer Island for unauthorized e-ticketing. After grad night sometimes, there are places that look like an explosion in a used condom factory." -- B.R.

"There's a tunnel that runs from the fort to the water. It's been closed for a long time, but a friend of mine once got the key and we were able to go down there and do some serious messing around. It was weird, because the area was being used for storage but it still looked like a tunnel and it was really cramped. The problem is I still have these weird dreams about being down there and getting caught by Fess Parker." -- E.R.

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