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There have been many, many, many, many incidents of people showing a little too much skin at Disneyland, and many of those have been caught on film.

Flash Mountain

There are scores of photos in existence of female guests exposing themselves on attractions. Most of these were taken on Splash Mountain -- it's almost a tradition for well-endowed young women to lift their shirts when the attraction's automated camera snaps a photo of the ride vehicle plunging down the large final flume. You'll even find "dirty old men" standing around on the walkway facing the mountain, cameras ready, just in case there's a "free show." Even though Splash Mountain is best known for this practice, any attraction in which pictures are taken is fair game for "Disneyflashing" -- Space Mountain, Goofy's Bounce House, even Superstar Limo for the few days it was open.

So far as Disneyland is concerned, nasty photos taken by automated cameras don't exist. Cast members remove them from circulation as soon as they are detected, and they are supposed to be deleted from the digital camera's storage immediately. Guests are told that the pictures didn't come out, the exposure (no pun intended) was bad, the film was clouded by x-rays -- whatever. But the fact is that on many occasions a dirty-thinking cast member will copy the digital file onto a disk before the official deletion and then post it on the Web for the entertainment of males between the ages of 13 and 28 who have no life and can't get a date.

"Hit and Run"

Many people try and take what they call "hit and run" photos at Disneyland. For these photos, a woman will stand in front of a landmark like the castle, lift her shirt just long enough for someone to snap a picture, and then run like mad before security can respond. More daring "runners" will do this while standing with a costumed character -- usually Mickey, Goofy, or Donald -- but they really have to turn on the speed after snapping the shutter because a cast member is always close at hand, and being caught means being banned from the park, prosecuted, beaten, and having your parents called.

Video Voyeurism

Hundreds of hours of video have been recorded by Disneyland Resort security cameras over the years in which couples, shall we say, "get frisky" on Disneyland attractions.

Back when Adventure Thru Inner Space was a Tomorrowland staple, the long, slow ride through near darkness in a two-person omnimover vehicle that provided semi-privacy for its occupants proved quite tempting to amorous couples. The ride was nearly legendary for its attractiveness to people who should get a room, and those who "went all the way" on the ride were said to have become members of "the angstrom-high club."

The Haunted Mansion is another omnimover attraction that "sees a lot of action." This despite the fact that some of the ceilings are semitransparent scrim hiding catwalks, several walls have peek holes, and there are cameras everywhere. Cast members have even been known to stop the ride for a minute or two if a particularly (ahem) photogenic couple comes into camera range.

The Main Street Cinema is another area that gets a lot of activity. It's dark and there's often nobody in there, so particularly desperate couples sometimes pop in and take a chance. Videos also exist of newlyweds caught on Tom Sawyer Island after dark, major nudity on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, extreme group nastiness on Pirates, and a pair of cast members in the secret room at the top of the Matterhorn.

Voyeuristic film taken at Disney California Adventure is just starting to appear as guests learn where the hot spots are. For example, things are said to occasionally "get pretty steamy" in the back row of Muppet*Vision 3D when crowds are low. Grizzly River Rin "wet t-shirt" pictures are also becoming popular online.

Of course, DisneyLies.com does not encourage this kind of behavior. Disneyland is a family park and no place for this kind of shenanigans. We suggest that, if you are in possession of photos or video of the kind described on this page, you dispose of it by sending it to our postal address. We'll see that the offensive material is properly taken care of.

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