Disneyland Resort

Naughtiness at Disneyland

Selected quotes relating stories of extreme naughtiness in various places around the Disneyland resort.

"We catch people going at it in the parking lot all the time. In cars, in the back of pickup trucks, in vans. I'm sure that they're constantly doing it in mobile homes, but we don't know about it unless they are being particularly loud. We generally either pull up behind them and honk or, if not in a vehicle, knock on the car really loud as we walk by. Once I put a Disney CD in my portable CD player, pulled behind a heavily rocking van, and blared 'Some Day My Prince Will Come' until they realized it was directed at them and stopped. I don't even know if they go the joke." -- B.N.

"This isn't really in the park but I think it counts. Disneyland has a really large wardrobe department. There was one cast member who we found out was borrowing different outfits all the time and taking them home. You aren't supposed to do that and it's actually pretty difficult to get away with because we have controls in place. He'd bring home a Jungle Cruise skipper outfit, or Pocahontas, or sometimes a pair, like Snow White and Peter Pan. The outfits always came back in perfect condition, but someone figured out that he was doing it and made a log of his borrowings for a couple of weeks so he could get fired. When he was fired he admitted that he and his wife used the outfits for, um, personal entertainment purposes. But Snow White and Peter Pan? That's sick!" -- J.K.P.

"There are tons of places back stage that people can get together. There is so much storage space, so many vehicles waiting to be repaired, so many buildings, that the number of opportunities is incredible. I know that back before Innoventions was open and there were offices in the second floor of the old America Sings building, a couple got caught in what they thought was an unused office 'trying to make the building rotate.'" -- R.E.

"You are going to get a lot of notes about kids going at it on Grad Night. I don't think there's a place in the park where someone hasn't tried to have sex on Grad Night. The benches in the hub? Check. The Main Street fire station? Check. Every conceivable ride? Check. Literally everywhere. I'm not saying it works everywhere, and a lot of them get stopped by cast members or the laws of physics before they get very far (think Gadget's Go Coaster), but they try." -- L.U.

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