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Naughtiness in Critter Country

Selected quotes relating stories of extreme naughtiness in Critter Country

Country Bear Jamboree

"On several occasions I caught couples getting a little too into each other in the back row of Country Bear Jamboree. I'd just walk right up to them and say, 'Sorry, but no flash photography is allowed.' They'd usually jump a mile, and if it left them confused, at least they calmed down so that the bears wouldn't be scandalized." -- F.P.

Davey Crockett's Explorer Canoes

"I once got really friendly with a guest when I was working the explorer canoes. After the canoes closed, I invited her on a private ride before I stowed the canoe for the night. I rowed us over to the far end of Tom Sawyer Island and we got out and got nasty behind the settler's cabin. This is back when the cabin was still on fire. When we went back to the canoe, though, it was gone! I don't know if it wasn't secured well (I had my mind on other things!) or if someone found it and rowed it back, but nobody ever said anything and I couldn't exactly ask!" -- S.M.

Splash Mountain

"You can't exactly do anything on the ride, but in the ride is a different matter. I once did a standing-up-quickie kind of thing with a fellow cast member in one of the exit stairwells. Also, I heard that a maintenance worker got caught with another cast member when the ride was down for rehab. They were on the big paddlewheeler! After that happened, someone put a sticker on the boat that said, 'If this ship's a rockin', don't bother knockin'.'" -- S.K.

"I saw a girl on Splash Mountain take her shirt off so that she could 'flash' the camera during the big drop. When her shirt came off, the guy sitting behind her put his hands on her chest. She squealed and startled, and when she threw her arms up, her shirt flew out of her hand! Why don't you have a picture of that on your Web site???" -- L.V.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

"I've never so much as caught a couple kissing on this ride. It would just be so wrong!" -- O.W.

Hungry Bear Restaurant

"There's some decent privacy beneath the Hungry Bear eating area if you're desperate enough that you don't mind 'roughing it' a bit. It's kind of damp and buggy, sometimes there are mice, it sort of smells like ducks, and you have to make sure the Mark Twain isn't running and you're out of sight of the train, but like I said, if you're desperate -- it's perfect!" -- H.P.

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