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Naughtiness in Adventureland

Selected quotes relating stories of extreme naughtiness in Adventureland.

Bengal Barbecue

"The barbecue opens after the rest of Adventureland, sometimes hours after, and before its opened there's this big heavy curtain that goes around the whole thing. You can't see inside at all. Well, one morning two of us were supposed to be getting it ready for opening and we started talking about the curtain and how cool it was that you could do anything you wanted with guests just a few feet away. I don't know what came over us, but things got out of hand and before I knew it we were pressed up against the barbecue pit, and everything was really awesome until I slipped. The guy I was with fell over and hit his head on the counter, my hair caught on fire -- it was all pretty much down hill from there." -- L.F.

Enchanted Tiki Room

"I was doing a Tiki Room maintenance check before opening, and when I walked in there was this couple against the wall sitting on one of the chairs going at it. They weren't even trying to be quiet and didn't even notice me. I went backstage and it took me a few minutes but I was able to start the show up at the point where the thunder crashes and the birds go bananas. You should have seen them run out of there!" -- J.C.

Indiana Jones Adventure

"We tried it. Too bouncy. I swear I'm lucky I didn't get a concussion." -- I.J.

Jungle Cruise

"On gradnight, I sometimes fill a boat up with randy-looking couples and turn the lights out for a slow cruise. These kids just plain have no inhibitions, and it can get pretty noisy. Sometimes it's so noisy that you can hardly hear me doing the spiel!" -- B.R.

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