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Disneymaniacs: Beau and Sara Jackson

June 2005

Disneyland Fanatics Beau and Sara Jackson

We are the ultimate Disney Maniacs. So ultimate we have defied the space time continuum ... because future Beau and Sara can be spotted in FantasyLand on Friday nights before closing with present Beau and Sara waiting in line in the same queue!

We like to go almost everyday but especially on Fridays. To make sure that "our park" is in ship shape and all the cast members are doing their jobs.

Also, our hobbies include (at DisneyLand Resort):

  • Throwing candy corn into the Heimlich statue's mouth in bugs life land.
  • On "Heimlich's Chew Chew Train," looking for the disappointed expressions on parents faces when the ride ends.
  • Crying for a quick death on the "Sun Wheel" with Australian tourists.
  • Watching "Golden Dreams" a hundred times, and every time ask about where to buy the soundtrack.
  • Perfecting our voice over talents in the animation workshop.

At DisneyLand specifically we like to:

  • Go on "splash mountain" and "many adventures of winnie the pooh" and sing the lyrics to both to get back at the pretentious teens who do it on "haunted mansion".
  • Try to out run the old guy in the wheel chair to the yellow tea cup on "The Mad Hatters Tea Party". But the bastard always beats us, so we dance in front of him cuz he has no legs.
  • Try to steal the apple from the old witch in "Snow whites scary adventures", but were both too old and lazy, but were looking into hiring grad nite nuts to do it for us.
  • Beau loves to set off the sensor on Jiminy Crickets conscience at the end of "Pinocchio's daring journey".
  • Try to avoid Dopey and his wife.
  • Stop cast members from doing their jobs by trading pins with them. We have a test to see who can leave with the most pins at the end of the day.
  • Sit and drool over the large figure of Mr. Toad in the Disneyana shop and think about how if we didn't eat any food that day, we could have bought it.
  • Sit in the theater for Honey I Shrunk The Audience while watching Captain Eo on a mini dvd player.
  • Walk around tomorrowland and bitch about how we miss The People Mover.
  • Last but not least, run to the Peter pans flight at 11:59PM

Beau's Favorite ride: Snow White's Scary Adventures
Beau's fav character: Donald Duck

Sara's favorite ride: Heimlich's Chew Chew Train
Sara's fav character:TinkerBell

The Jacksons.

P.S Beau is the ultimate hidden Mickey.

Note: The above text was written by guests of DisneyLies.com. DisneyLies.com does not endorse or recommend any of the practices mentioned in this note. In particular, DisneyLies.com specifically recommends against any guest above the age of four riding The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

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