Disneyland Resort

Semi-Casual Meals

They Disneyland Resort offers a variety of choices for semi-casual dining. These venues are not as casual as dropping $10 on a hotdog from a cart, but you don't have to feel uncomfortable because your bellybutton ring shows, either.

Blue Bayou
NRS, B, $$$
It's like dining outside, inside! Enter the Blue Bayou during the day, and it's like you stepped into the night. Enter during the night, and it's still night, only with better food. New Orleans-style favorites include the heart-stopping Monty Cristo sandwich and clam chowder made with fresh clams raised in the water that flows beside the dining area. Show up early in the day and sample the selection of Cajun breakfast cereals!

Carnation Café
É , NR, $
At one time, they used to let guests sit indoors while eating here. Now they don't. Enjoy!

Downtown Disney
WH, $
This cacophonous establishment is the last remaining of the four Disneyland Resort restaurants themed for Disney properties (after Club Miramax, the ABC Soap Opera Automat, and Who Wants to Eat Like a Millionaire). With 175 television monitors per booth, you won't miss a single second of live sporting action while you down your burger and fried mozzarella.

Hook's Pointe
Disneyland Hotel
HD, L, $
Enjoy the marvelous theming of this restaurant, decorated like the inside of the Chicken of the Sea pirate ship. The menu items are copious and imaginative, and all of them contain a generous helping of tuna. Avoid the chunky mixed drinks.

House of Blues
Downtown Disney
D, NS, $$
Live music and meat.

La Brea Bakery Café
Downtown Disney
É, $
Bread, pastries, and stuff served on bread and pastries. Try the low-carb water!

Sicily Ristorante e Pizzeria
Downtown Disney
G, K, $$$
Straight from New York, pizza and pasta served in an air of family business. All ingredients are freshly fallen off a truck. Be sure to tip your waiter generously -- you wouldn't want anything to happen to your nice calzone.

Rainforest Café
Downtown Disney
É, NRS, H, M, $$
Have a hearty meal surrounded by fake plants, artificial weather, and Tiki Room rejects. Every half hour enjoy a simulated thunderstorm, complete with water-glass-filling simulated rain.

Tortilla Jo's
Downtown Disney
E, O, $$
This family restaurant combines authentic south-of-the-border food with the most pervasive Mexican stereotypes for a truly unique dining experience. All guests are crammed into one small room, and while you eat a mariachi band plays the same two songs over and over, occasionally drowned out by the sound of leaf blowers from gardeners outside. Service is good (except during the siesta hour when the restaurant is open but all employees are off napping somewhere) and insultingly low tips are expected. Open late. Childcare available.

Wine Country Trattoria
Disney California Adventure
T, $$
Italian food in the atmosphere of an authentic trattoria. Trattorian decorations, created by the staff trattidio, adorn the walls, and the Trattorio Senior may even pay a visit to your table. Trattidisimo!

Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel
S, NRS2, $$$
Authentic Japanese food, including poisonous puffer fish, live eels boiled tableside in tofu, and bean-curd ice cream.

Picnic Area
Outside Disneyland
V, W, $
For a small cover charge, you can bring your own food and eat on a bench. Vending machines are available, and bathrooms are only a security check away.

B = Frequented by buccaneers
C = Corn available for a buck an ear
D = Depressing
L = Some food products may contain dolphin
E = Some English spoken
É = Establishment name may contain foreign letters
G = Guns hidden in the bathrooms
H = High humidity at this location may result in an unusually large mold count
HD = Discount for handicapped patrons
K = Undertipped waiters may try to kiss you on the lips
L = Restrooms smell odd
M = Some food products contain monkey
NR = No roof
NRS = No roof (simulated)
NRS2 = No real siverware
NS = No Smurf jokes allowed
O = Theme may offend some guests
R = No refunds for guests killed by meal before cooking
S = Waiters carry swords
T = Diners may be exposed to tratticide and other chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer
V = Overpriced vending machines available
W = Frequented by wasps
WH = What? Huh? I can't hear a thing in here.
Z = Frequented by Zorro

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