Disneyland Resort

General Dining Information

All of the resort's dining locations are amicable to the casually dressed guest. You can step right out of the pool and into a four-star restaurant without anyone so much as blinking an eye. Doubt our word? Try showing up at the Napa Rose in nothing but your American Express black card and they'll show you right to a table -- we guarantee it!

Children are welcome at all dining locations, including bars, with the exception of the Peppermint Mouse Gentleman's Club. Most dining locations also feature special menus for children, which feature smaller portions and identical prices.

Resort hotel guests are encouraged to charge meals to their room, making it easy to forget just how much you are spending. All imaginable credit cards are accepted, as are Disney Dollars and normal human cash. We recommend, however, that guests avoid using an "I forgot my wallet" ploy to attempt to get a free meal -- you might end up spending the evening washing dishes, but you are just as likely to be dragged into a Toontown alley and beaten senseless. It's just not worth the trouble. Don't try the "I found a bug in my food" thing either -- these places are all so damned clean that nobody will believe you. We find that pretending you're choking works best. Although Disney won't pick up your tab, a kindly fellow guest may take pity on you.

Dining arrangements may be made by calling 1-YOU-EAT-FOOD (714-781-3463). It is recommended that, for character breakfasts and popular restaurants, reservations be made at least a year in advance. If you are late to a restaurant don't worry -- your reservation will be held for up to five minutes if nobody pretends to be you to get your table.

Assuming that money is no object, food from any restaurant can be delivered to -- or even prepared in -- your hotel room. Just ask!

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