Disneyland Resort

Fine Dining

Some of the finest chefs in the world dine at the Disneyland Resort -- and you can, too!

Cattle Restaurant
Downtown Disney
CP, NV, $$
Beef -- very, very fresh beef -- and lots of it. Visit the gift shop for leather goods so new they're still warm.

Granville's Steak House
Disneyland Hotel
M, NV, $$$
As the name implies, Granville's Steak House is decorated like a building made of steak (it's the sort of place a more carnivorous Hansel and Gretel might have been drawn to). Make reservations for the extra exclusive Rib Room, or grab a drink in the Tartar Bar!

Napa Rose
Disney's Grand Californian Hotel
X, $$$$$$$
Rated the #1 restaurant on its property every year since its opening, Napa Rose is the epitome of fine dining. From the snooty waiter to the precision-placed forks (bring a caliper!), it's like no place you've ever eaten without taking out a home loan first. The restaurant's name, by the way, is a silly pun involving Sleeping Beauty -- can you figure it out?

Ralph Kramden's Jazz Kitchen
Downtown Disney
B, $
Authentic Brooklyn cuisine with a Jazz touch. Next door to Alice's Restaurant.

Hollywood Tower Hotel
P, $$
A strange, mysterious place for lunch or dinner. Beware -- there may be an excessive wait for your food if your order gets lost in another dimension!

The Vineyard Room
Disney California Adventure
W, W, W $$$$
Seven-course meals of wine-themed food, paired with wine, above a winery. Allow several hours for a meal. When the park closes early, you may want to start dinner right after lunch.

AMW = Some wait staff featured on America's Most Wanted
B = Smells kind of like a bus
C = You real soon
CP = Watch where you step
F = Chef is actually a trained bigfoot
M = Meat
NV = Not recommended for vegetarians
P = Booths may unexpectedly plunge into the basement
R = Highly themed restrooms
W = Wine
X = Just unbelievably expensive
Y = Because we like you

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