Disneyland Resort

Casual Drinking

The Disneyland Resort doesn't have bars, it has "gathering places." A gathering place is a themed bar that serves light food and adds $2 to the price of drinks. Note that, while theming is quite elaborate in many of these locations, a few margaritas make them all look pretty much the same.

Hearthstone Lounge
Disney's Grand Californian Hotel
F, X, $
There's nothing like sitting around the fire with a bunch of drunken friends holding glasses of alcohol to bring up visions of an accident waiting to happen.

The Lost Bar
Formerly in the Disneyland Hotel
(No current information available)

Napa Rose Lounge
Disney's Grand Californian Hotel
D, S, $$$$$
Sample the finest wines by the taste, glass, half bottle, bottle, or case while discussing Shakespeare or Wilde.

Uvula Bar
Downtown Disney
G, $
Enjoy and appetizer and a drink as you learn a little about the human digestive system.

Wine Cellar
Disneyland Hotel
O, K, B, ¢
Sit in the corner and chug back a gallon of day-old wine while singing "Jimmy Crack Corn" with your drunken buddies.

Adventurers Club
Pleasure Island
NV, P, $
An exciting, wonderfully themed club, straight out of the 1920s. Enjoy a drink and a snack while watching a humorous skit and recovering from the walk to the club from your Disneyland Resort hotel.

Peppermint Mouse Gentleman's Club
Downtown Disney
A, NT, $$$
This is the place to go if you want to see Jessica Rabbit and her pals "shake their stuff." No alcoholic beverages served. Be sure to bring lots of Disney dollars -- and ask for Bambi!

A = Adults only
B = Some beverages may cause permanent blindness
C = Coed restrooms
CH = Bartender can tie a knot in a cherry stem with her tongue
D = Individuals of distinction only
F = Known fire hazard
G = May gross out the weak of stomach
K = Karaoke
NT = No toons
NV = May contain non-vegetarian decorations
O = Open all night
P = Pith helmets optional
R = Restroom is a breeding ground for obscure diseases
S = High level of snoot
W = Really hot waiters
X = Be sure you know the location of all exits before taking your seat

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