Goofy's Bounce House

January 1993 - January 2006

Goofy, like many Americans, had a house with a bunch of kids bouncing around in it. In his case, it wasn't a problem, since the contents of Goofy's house were 100% inflatable.

Bounce House signWhen Imagineers were designing Goofy's Bounce House, there was a lot of discussion about what kind of inflatable furniture to install. Inflatable versions of a grand piano, fish tank, knife rack, and robotic automobile assembly line were all explored and rejected. One Imagineer (a newcomer named Ellison) suggested that there be a closet in which could be found an inflatable "girlfriend" for Goofy. He was mysteriously tarred, feathered, and run off the property on a rail before his idea could be run past management.

Not too long after the house was opened to the public, a child was minorly injured when Goofy's inflatable chandelier fell from the ceiling. There are rumors that the chandelier was intentionally severed from its moorings by "the Phantom of the Bounce House," who was upset about Daisy Duck not singing in some show, but they are completely unverified. Even so, Disney took the precaution of raising the age limit for admission to Goofy's Bounce House so it was more an attraction for "kids at heart" who are of small stature than for actual children.

The general public did not take well to this change, but a small group of Phantom fanatics kept the house busy enough. They crammed its rubbery walls morning and night, telling romantic stories about the Phantom and hoping to hear him sing. Eventually, the house gave in under the strain and just plain exploded, revealing a bouncy basement in which Donald Duck had been living (and occasionally singing to himself in the shower) ever since access to his boat was restricted by the Team Disney legal department.

The house was never rebuilt.

Trivia: The air used to inflate items in the bounce house had a jolly bubblegum scent.

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