Original Submarine Voyage Spiel

The Submarine Voyage was an exciting tour through the wonders of the deep. During the voyage, the captain -- in the form of a recorded spiel -- described what guests were seeing. This spiel, below, was used in the early years of the attraction.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Captain Nemo. I am not what is called a civilized man. I have done with society for reasons that seem good to me. Therefore, I do not obey its laws. I prefer a life beneath the sea, and the Nautilus, this atomic-powered boat of my own design, is home to my crew and myself.

On the surface there is hunger and fear. Men still exercise unjust laws. They fight, tear one another to pieces. A mere few feet beneath the waves their reign ceases, their evil drowns. Here on the ocean floor is the only independence. Here I am free!

I have no compunction against sinking the craft of base, thoughtless surface dwellers. Those ships carry gunpowder, soldiers, weapons -- the seeds of war. They're loaded with a full cargo of death. And when a ship such as that reaches home, the world dies a little more. Imagine what would happen if they controlled machines such as this submarine boat. Far better that they think the Nautilus a monster and hunt me with harpoons.

I may have sent hundreds, even thousands, to the bottom, but they are worthless vermin, dying so that the future may live. And of course, now that you have learned my secrets, you can never be allowed to leave.

So, let's get underway!

Let me be the first to welcome you to the little port of Rainbow Ridge, the gateway to the wonderland of the sea. As we head beneath the waves, a couple of suggestions: please stay seated at all times and keep your hands and arms inside the submarine. The fish get mighty hungry! And no smoking please, because we don't want to start an uncontrolled chain reaction in the power plant.

Now, beyond these hills lies the wonderland of the sea. You're apt to see an abundance of wildlife, so keep a real sharp fisherman's eye.

As we come through the breakwater, we'll be entering Coral Atoll. Looks like the coral are building another ridge. Yes sir, they're really busy -- or should I say, they're not lazy atoll!

The moray eels over in their little tunnels must be smiling at all of you pretty ladies. I can't say I blame them!

If you've never gone beneath a waterfall before then get set, because we're approaching Big Thunder, the biggest falls in all of these parts. You don't have to worry though -- unless the tide goes out!

Those two streams of gas escaping from the sea floor they call the Giddy Sisters, most likely because they're always bubbling! Ho, ho!

We're coming into Barracuda Country now, folks, and while we're passing through this old natural tunnel you've got to sit real still. No telling how long she's going to last! You know, barracuda are some of the most playful animals there are. Lazy, too! All they want to do is swim around, and bite and nip and bite -- ho, ho! That is, when they aren't sleeping!

You know, the wonderland of the sea is very pretty, but sometimes she can be a mighty rugged place to live. Out here in the ocean depths the struggle for survival leaves only the strong, and sometimes the lucky.

Say! Look at the edge of the continental shelf across Barracuda Chasm, there. Now there's a real struggle for survival. Two lobsters are battling for those she-lobsters. Maybe one of you can tell me, though: Does getting two she-lobsters mean you're the winner, or the loser? Hmmm -- I never could figure that one out.

As we pass through old Natural Arch Bridge, you can see the great Living Seabed down below. You know, the ocean's a wet place, and full of some particularly mean creatures. You've got to be careful of sharks, jelly fish, and even killer whales.

But the ocean's got her beauty, too. The blue streaks running through those sandstone cliffs are called "Coconino." The light blue, we call them: "Supai."

Now, ahead of us, folks, is a giant seaweed forest. The submarine's pressurized atmosphere sometimes gets to you, and makes tangles of seaweed take on strange shapes, like fish and sometimes even -- mermaids?

Aha! Look down there to port. That wild octopus has caught up with old Mr. Great White Shark. Ho, ho! He's in kind of a suckery situation!

Say, ever hear of Neptune's Paint Pots? Real mystery of the deep. Bubbling pots of mud in all kinds of shades of brown.

This is lava-powered deep-sea vent country, too. Uh-oh -- there she blows! Sure glad you all brought your asbestos suits! But look out now! We never know when she's going to go off. That's why we call her Ol' Hot Under the Collar. Look out now! Ho, ho! You folks aft be ready -- she's threatening again!

You know, I've heard that a long time ago the island of Atlantis was in this area. Of course, all you find now is wrecked ships, coelacanths, and glowing fish. And sometimes the water-smoothed ruins of an ancient city.

There's the voice of the ocean, the hump-backed whale.

Now folks we've got to get through Balancing Column Canyon. Look out! They're starting to tumble!

Watch that giant squid, lady! Oh -- ho, ho. Glad we were able to electrify the hull! We've known these critters to take on a full-grown killer whale more than ten times their size and weight.

You know, on our last trip a mountain lion -- I mean, an angry giant clam showed up right over that tunnel. Oh, there's one now! So you better all be real quiet!

Now we're going deep into the ocean to view the dazzling Graveyard of ships. You'll see giant cargo ships, war ships, and colorful private yachts on every side. Say, if you look really carefully, you'll see divers recovering buried treasure, and even a googly-eyed sea serpent!

Well, I see we're coming back to Rainbow Ridge again. I hope you all enjoyed your trip into the wonderland of the sea. Please stay in your seats until I get the Nautilus stopped, will you? And then just lift up your seat and I'll come down and kill you all because you know too much.

Just kidding! You've been excellent guests.

To find the exit, folks, just head right for the bow of the ship. And if you've got an electric eel sitting next to you, don't feed him! Just tell him to hop out and hightail it back to his own shocking ground! Ho, ho! Well, thank you for riding along, and come on back again when you want to join up and help me sink some ships, will you? So long!

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