Skyway to Fantasyland

June 1956 - November 1994

The Skyway to Fantasyland was a system of buckets -- each capable of carrying four regular passengers or sixteen rowdy drunken grad-night teens -- that carried its load from Tomorrowland, through a hole in the Matterhorn, to Fantasyland via a big metal cable. The ride was popular, both with guests too lazy to walk across the park and cast members who needed a quick way to send overstock from Tomorrowland stores to more needy stores in Fantasyland.

The Skyway was decommissioned when the layer of smoke accumulated from each night's fireworks spectacular had become so thick that it as unhealthful to lift guests that much closer to it. At that time, the holes that had once been necessary to allow the Skyway to pass through the Matterhorn without causing structural or bodily injury were cemented up. One of the ride vehicles was cemented within the mountain as a permanent memorial, but it is not currently visible without the use of x-rays or explosives.

This attraction was in no way related to the Skyway to Tomorrowland.

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