July 1967 - August 1995

The Peoplemover was intended as a demonstration of futuristic technology, suitable for moving people (hence the name) around busy urban centers, airports, shopping malls, and theme parks. Much like some Disneyland annual pass holders, Peoplemover vehicles had no means of self-motivation. They were, instead, powered by hundreds of tiny tires embedded in their tracks that rotated continuously and pushed vehicles along. A major source of entertainment for younger guests was watching these rotating tires, waiting for a pigeon to land on one and be thrown back into the sky.

The ride provided a chance for guests to see a variety of tunnels, roof tops, and other undeveloped areas of Tomorrowland in relative comfort, and rarely left guests stranded in a difficult-to-reach location for hours on end unless they actually entered ride vehicles.

When the much beloved attraction closed in 1995, there were parties throughout Southern California.

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