Monsanto House of the Future Featuring Futuristic Things You'll Be Able to Buy in the Future

The Monsanto House of the Future Featuring Futuristic Things You'll Be Able to Buy in the Future was a Tomorrowland staple for many, many years. Stories are still told of the day it was demolished, and how the demolition team had trouble destroying the sturdy structure, even with dynamite and molecular acid. The exhibit was a popular one, and was only discontinued when its many innovations began to seem commonplace, and a number of newspapers reported on the link between visiting the house and cancer.

Visitors entering the house would hear a prerecorded spiel showcasing the technological marvel's wonders. That spiel is presented here in full.

Welcome to the Monsanto House of the Future Featuring Futuristic Things You'll Be Able to Buy in the Future.

You may have already noticed that this house is made entirely from plastic, a petroleum byproduct of which the earth has an endless supply. Even though the building looks light, even dainty, if you will, each wing is capable of supporting more than 5,000 tons and can withstand the blast force and heat at ground zero of even the largest atomic weapon.

The floors, the walls, the ceiling are all formed from plastic. They, and all furnishings, are completely man made and covered with a thick layer of asbestos so that you need never fear a fire in the home. As you walk through the house, you will find that almost nothing looks natural. In fact, you and your family are the only natural things anywhere in this building.

The designers of this house built it on a plan that fits well with the workings of the family unit of tomorrow. The man of the house can feel comfortable while reading the paper or smoking a pipe. The children will enjoy playing in their sunlit room or romping on the deck. And the woman of the house can clean, cook, wash, and do all of the other "work" she enjoys with all the modern conveniences, and keep herself beautiful at the same time.

Step into the kitchen and see some of the wonders that plastics make possible for the woman of tomorrow. Here is an incredible oven that uses invisible microwaves to cook a complete meal in minutes or dry a wet dog in seconds. And there are other amazing appliances as well that perform such common kitchen tasks as slicing vegetables and "shooting" them into a salad bowl, turn any food into healthful juice, or scrambling an egg while it is still in the shell. Marvelous plastic containers and wraps keep food fresh for long periods of time, and any of the kitchen's fractal-edged knives can easily cut through a tin can.

In the living room you see the comfort and ease of care possible with all plastic furniture. These gentle curves and bright colors will never go out of style, and cleaning is as easy as a quick spray with a garden hose. In the entertainment center is a nineteen-inch giant screen television with easy-to-replace tubes and a depth of less than 24 inches. And, of course, it lets you view your favorite shows in color, where available.

You will notice that there are no bookshelves in the house of the future. Books will be completely obsolete. However, if you look on the work desk in the corner you will see one appliance that no home will be without -- the personal calculating machine! This machine, or "computer," allows the complete automation of many household tasks, including adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Some scientists even foresee the day when these machines are so powerful and complex that Mom will be able to use one to store her favorite recipes on handy punch cards!

In the children's bedroom a variety of plastic toys are ready for play, including the all-plastic doll house of the future. The baby's crib is plastic, too, as are baby's clothes so that in a fire they will not burn but, at worst, melt.

Everything in the master bedroom is made of plastic, even the "glass" in the windows and the mirrored ceiling. Be sure to check out the closet, where you'll see a variety of clothing made from artificial fiber, including Mom's "fur" coat, made from the same fibers as the back yard "lawn."

This brings us back to the entrance hall. As you were walking through the house, did you notice how many electric appliances were available? To keep inconvenience and power costs down, the entire house's electricity and its centralized heating are provided by a small nuclear power plant in the house's support pylon, completely shielded with plastic for complete safety. And when you leave the house for the day, there's no need to turn off each appliance one at a time. Just clap your hands and the sound will turn off every electrical system in the house. Try it, it's fun! But remember, that this recording is powered by electricity, so if you cl--

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Monsanto House of the Future Featuring Futuristic Things You'll Be Able to Buy in the Future


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