Monsanto House of the Future Featuring Futuristic Things You'll Be Able to Buy in the Future

June 1957 - December 1967

After the success of the well regarded and heavily used Bathroom of Tomorrow (which opened in April of 1956 and was so named because "after you use it you don't have to go to the bathroom again until tomorrow"), Disneyland decided to expand the attraction into an entire house. After six months of innovative engineering, the strikingly designed, pedestaled Monsanto House of the Future Featuring Futuristic Things You'll Be Able to Buy in the Future opened.

House of the Future Featuring Futuristic Things You'll Be Able to Buy in the FutureThe house with its bright white, all-plastic walls boasted that it was constructed from 99.97% artificial materials. Nothing natural, recyclable, or renewable here! Inside the house there were even more wonders to behold.

In every room there were products and devices that either were in development or just coming on the market. True, the giant screen television hanging on the wall didn't actually work, but a photograph covering the enormous 21" screen demonstrated how a transparent green colored strip at the bottom and a transparent blue strip at the top of the sharp, crisp, black and white picture made the grass and sky in outdoor scenes look like they were filmed in living color! There was also a little box attached to a long cord that would let Dad turn the radio on and off without leaving his chair, and a "micro-wave" oven that would help Mom cook a hamburger sandwich in seconds instead of minutes.

Guests could also see demonstrations of:

  • Knives sharp enough to cut through a tin can
  • A kitchen appliance that turns any fruit, vegetable, or meat product into delicious juice
  • An entire fishing kit that can be folded to fit in a pocket
  • A microphone without a cord that lets you hear your own voice coming out of the radio
  • An amazing metal spring that could, unaided, walk down stairs, alone or in pairs
  • A handy appliance for scrambling an egg without breaking the shell
  • A spray gentlemen could use to camouflage a bald spot
  • And, most amazing of all, a device that, when plugged into the wall, lets you turn the lights on and off with just a clap of the hands!

After a decade of showing Disneyland guests what the future would hold, the MHotFFFTYBAtBitF was beginning to show its age. By this time, men were too self confident to worry about hiding their bald patches, eggs could be purchased pre-scrambled, and if you didn't live in an all-plastic house yourself, you knew someone who did. People were starting to look forward to the year 2000, when the work week would be four hours long, robot butlers would see to your every need, cars would be wheelless, and the moon colony would only be a commuter flight away.

In 1967, the order came to close what had once been Tomorrowland's most futuristic attraction. This turned out not to be as easy to accomplish as it sounded. The house was so well constructed, and its anti-theft and self-repair devices so efficient, that Imagineers were not able to clear it away completely and build a new attraction (King Triton's Fountain of Doom) on that spot until February of 1996!

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Monsanto House of the Future Featuring Futuristic Things You'll Be Able to Buy in the Future


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