Haunted Mansion: Marketing

The Haunted Mansion is one of the most broadly marketed attractions in Disneyland. It's second only to Great Moments with Mr. Lincon, which inspired an incredible, country-wide stove-pipe-hat craze.

A TV special in which Kurt Russell and the Osmonds visit the Haunted Mansion was aired in the seventies. In it, Russell plays a one-eyed mercenary named Python who has agreed to rescue the President of the United States who is being held captive by the Osmonds somewhere within the mansion.

There was also a The Haunted Mansion record album which told the story of a pair of teenagers who stumbled into the mansion during a rainstorm. One of the boys was voiced by Ron Howard, who also directed the effort. Several attraction albums have been released, including Story and Song and Horrified Scream from The Haunted Mansion.

Another Haunted Mansion album had bone-chilling horror tales on one side and terrifying sound effects on the other. One of the story tracks, titled "The Chinese Water Torture," so offended China that they cut off diplomatic relations with Disneyland for almost five years.

Mansion-themed books include a guide to the ride, a magic book, a "behind the scenes" look at how the holograms and other tricks work, and Disneyland's Haunted Mansion: Who's Scaring Who, which contains a complete biography of every ghost "living" in the attraction.

A number of games have been based on the attraction, including a game with a board that looked like a map of the Haunted Mansion, and Mansion-themed versions of Clue, Candyland, and Battleship ("Darn! You sunk my Doom Buggy!")

A wide variety of Haunted Mansion toys have been available throughout the years, including treasure boxes, balls, noisemakers, glowing necklaces, playsets, dress-up outfits, devices for contacting the spirits of the dead, etc. Pins, shirts, hats, and plush ghosts have also been available, as have sheets, curtains, lamps, luggage, snow globes, light-up replicas, custom-engraved tombstones, and much more.

In 2003, a movie based on the Haunted Mansion was released, starring Eddie Murphy as an actor who hadn't made a decent film in years.

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