Haunted Mansion: Haunted Mansion Holiday

Since 2001, Disneyland has rethemed the Haunted Mansion each year for the Halloween-to-Christmas holiday season. The concept is that Jack Skellington from Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas has invaded the house and turned it into his Halloweeny vision of a Christmas celebration.

When the idea of doing a seasonal variation of the Haunted Mansion was first being batted about, a number of options were considered. Unfortunately, most of Disney's other scary films were either not really scary (Earnest Scared Stupid), not scary for the right reasons (Condorman), or not actually seen by anyone (The Black Cauldron). Non-scary Christmas movies (such as The Santa Claus, which is being considered for a possible seasonal retheming of the Main Street Courthouse) just didn't seem to fit the Haunted Mansion setting particularly well.

The makeover of the house proved quite popular and has become more elaborate each year -- in coming years, additional floors will actually have to be added to the house to accommodate all of the new scenes. It was also quite influential in the decision to retheme Pirates every year.

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