Haunted Mansion: Behind the Show

There's a lot going on behind the scenes in the Haunted Mansion, and many secrets that casual visitors may not know. For instance...

There are infrared cameras all through the ride to spy on miscreants, and pressure mats on the floors to detect anyone leaving a Doom Buggy.

In some areas of the Mansion, you can lean forward and see through the tracks to a brightly lit work area below the ride. It is in this area that workers repair broken figures, untangle the wires to the Doom Buggy audio system, and gather valuables dropped during the course of the ride.

There's a room at the top of the mansion, inaccessible to the public, which is large enough to hold a half-court basketball court.

The air conditioning is so effective in the Haunted Mansion that it would be difficult to keep the place dusty without constantly adding dust. Disneyland's maintenance staff used to have to do this, purchasing fuller's earth in bulk for that purpose. In recent years, though, there has been quite a craze for the families of deceased Disneyland fans to dump their former loved ones' remains within the ride, and although this practice is officially frowned upon by the park, it does save them a lot of money in fake dust.

When the mansion was moved to Disneyland from its original location, an old worker with a heart condition was accidentally sealed up in its walls. He haunts the attraction to this day, preying on similarly afflicted old women.

Cast members have seen a ghost in a top hat and tails entering the ride's exit, pictures of the mansion sometimes reveal see a spectral figure on the resulting print, and a bizarre creature known only as Maynard has been seen wandering the mansion's hallways (the latter has a great sense of humor, though).

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