Haunted Mansion: Exit

In the last scene before guests exit the Doom Buggies, there are three ghosts (Huey, Dewey, and Louie) hitchhiking. The Ghost Host returns to warn guests not to pick up hitchhiking ghosts, but after the vehicles turn a corner, they pass a row of mirrors that let riders see that one of the ghosts from the hitchhiking trio has entered their vehicle. These ghosts are in fact holograms projected into the Doom Buggies. The holograms appear only in the mirrors because they cannot be easily viewed close up, but if you duck down and look up toward the ceiling where the hologram projectors are located, you can see the lasers shining down into the vehicles. Note: you may be instantly blinded.

Guests exit their Doom Buggies onto a moving walkway. If you sneak back into your Doom Buggy -- and manage to avoid being caught -- you can ride all the way back to the beginning of the attraction. This is more difficult than it may sound because, for cleaning reasons, the Doom Buggies are inverted along the way.

A second moving walkway takes guests back to the surface and the ride's exit. From the walkway, a little ghost can be seen. The little ghost invites guests to hurry back, and reminds them, "Don't forget your death certificate, if you decide to join us." By "death certificates," she means the tickets Disneyland guests used to have to use to gain access to rides.

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