Haunted Mansion: Attic

After the ballroom, the ride enters the mansion's Attic where the ghostly bride awaits and "pop-up" ghosts moan "Howdy do" to welcome guests to her wedding.

Bats fly near the attic's ceiling. They fly in circles because they are, in fact, there only to disguise the room's ceiling fans.

One of the trunks in the attic is said to be haunted. Nobody quite knows how a trunk goes about becoming haunted, but there you have it.

At one side of the attic, a shadowy figure plays the piano. This piano was originally Captain Nemo's organ from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and the shadow originally appeared in the radio show of the same name.

At one time, the bride figure was accompanied by a ghostly groom whose head would disappear and then reappear in a hat box he held in his arms. One of the Imagineers protested loudly about the inclusion of the groom (it didn't fit with the house's story since the husband-to-be was supposed to be out at sea), and suggested a test to see if the figure was really adding anything to the ride. The test consisted of filming an old woman who had a heart condition as she passed the figure and it did its thing. During the test, the old woman was unfazed, so the figure was removed. (The woman did, unfortunately, fall down the roof outside the attic window and break her hip).

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