Haunted Mansion: Séance Circle

Madam Leota -- whose head is visible within her crystal ball -- is holding a séance in the next room. The table on which the head-entombing crystal ball rests is an actual witch's table, donated to Disney by a coven of Salem witches who were also big Disney fans. The table is covered by a shawl. The shawl hides a pentagram and other dangerous, arcane symbols carved in the table's top, and obscures the gum stuck beneath. This shawl and the numerous musical instruments floating about in the air, belonged to the woman who did Madame Leota's voice -- Eleanor Oddly.

Despite appearances, the crystal ball is not really crystal at all. It is, in point of fact, a space-age plastic in which the holographic image of Madam Leota has been embedded. The ceremony Leota is holding, on the other hand, is quite authentic. If you have any doubt, listen for the shaking of a tambourine -- you'll hear it, even though the tambourine floating in the room doesn't shake when the sound is heard!

Many years ago, a young man escaped from his Doom Buggy and tried to approach the table with the crystal ball. Unfortunately, he didn't notice that there is no floor around the small platform the table is on, so he plummeted thousands of feet to his death. Disney has since put in safety devices to prevent such a tragedy, but this did nothing to help the young man's grandmother, an old woman with a heart condition, who, after witnessing the accident, slipped into a coma.

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