Haunted Mansion: Corridor of Doors

Next comes a corridor lined with doors from which various horrible things (politicians, mostly) are trying to escape. This scene was, in part, inspired by the movie The Haunting, based on The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackon, and by the music of The Doors.

There was a time when a person in a suit of armor wandered this area of the mansion, scaring people. Unfortunately, not long after the attraction opened, an old woman with a heart condition had a stroke after being startled by the armored spook. This led to the elimination of the character, although he does sometimes appear on grad nights and other occasions when Disney is less worried about losing one of its patrons.

At the end of the corridor is a grandfather clock striking the hour as the shadow of a clawed hand moves across its face. Look carefully at the clock and you will see that it is striking 13, even though clocks traditionally only go up to 12 (unless they are displaying military time in which case they normally have both 12 and 24 at the top)! This subtle breakdown in Disneyland's quality assurance is unfortunate, but it does remind us that, as much as we may like the park, it isn't perfect.

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