Haunted Mansion: Corridor of Haunted Portraits

The picture gallery opens into a hall lined with paintings on one side and windows looking out onto a lightning storm on the other. The simulated lightning storm's rain is the same as that visible from within the Tiki Room -- the attractions share a recycling system, just like the Jungle Cruise and Rivers of America share a recycling system.

The paintings along this hallway slowly change from normal images to gruesome ones. A woman becomes a corpse surrounded by snakes, a horse and rider become a horse and rider fried by lightning, Walt Disney becomes Michael Eisner, etc.

The two busts in alcoves near the end of the corridor have eyes that appear to follow guests as they walk by. One of the busts is the spitting image of Abraham Lincoln, and the other is a certain gun-toting actor. The busts are animatronic creations linked to a complex computer system which targets guests and then keeps the bust's eyes locked on the targeted individual -- easily the most expensive effect in the entire park, this pressed the limits of technology when the attraction first opened and the system was awarded U.S. patent #5,407,391.

Around a corner, guests find the Doom Buggy loading area. The Doom Buggies have speakers that deliver narration for the balance of the ride. To keep things synchronized, each Doom Buggy is connected to its own endless-loop tape recorder by a wire beneath the floor. Because the vehicles only move in one direction, the wires have to be unwound by hand at the end of each day.

Shortly after boarding, the Ghost Host warns guests not to take flash pictures. This is because bright flashes of light can damage delicate animatronic equipment and blind infrared security cameras.

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