Haunted Mansion: Picture Gallery

After entering the mansion, guests are sealed into a large, nearly circular chamber with no windows and no doors, offering them a chilling challenge -- to find a way out! There are actually two identical copies of this room, allowing the mansion to operate more efficiently when there are large crowds. The rooms are really elevators that lower guests into the basement where the bulk of the ride is kept. Each elevator leads to a separate copy of the attraction (hint: the rightmost Picture Gallery, only used on high-traffic days, leads to the better -- that is, scarier -- mansion).

In this room, the Ghost Host, voiced by Mel Blanc (who also did the voice of Boris Badanov in the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons, narrated George of the Jungle, and was Morocco Mole on the Secret Squirrel show) is heard. The host points out the fact that the room is inescapable for the benefit of those either too dumb to notice or panicky enough to be whipped into a frenzy.

Soon, the picture gallery begins to stretch, and paintings along the walls elongate to reveal humorous scenes of impending death (a young woman is revealed to be standing on a tightrope above an alligator pit, the legs of a smiling man are being skeletonized by piranha, etc.). Because of the wear they take, these "stretching" pictures have to be periodically repainted, and the folks doing the repainting have been known to insert little "in jokes" into the images from time to time. For example, there was a period of time when the old widow who, in the stretched picture, is disemboweling her faithless husband, was shown to be using a plastic knife from a Main Street eatery.

Once the room is done stretching, the lights go out. The ceiling then retracts to reveal the ghost host's hanging corpse (fashioned from a real skeleton) in a flash of lightning. This scene is so frightening that, in the early days of the attraction, an old woman with a heart condition had a heart attack and died in the picture gallery. To lessen the intensity of the room and prevent such an accident from happening again, Imagineers put a Mickey Mouse hat on the hanging corpse.

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