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Four of the six engines on the Disneyland Railroad were, at one time, in active use on real railroads. These engines were purchased by Disneyland, disassembled so that all of its parts could be exactly duplicated from more modern materials, and reassembled in all their glory. The engines are as follows:

Engine No. 1, C.K. Holliday
Named for: The namesake of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad
Christened: 1955
Type: 4-4-0 (engines are traditionally identified by their height, width, and minimum acceleration)
Origin: This engine was constructed by Imagineers using the parts from eight of Walt Disney's one-eighth-scale Carolwood Pacific Railroad engines.

Engine No. 2, E.P. Ripley
Named for: That "Believe It or Not" guy (not the woman from Alien, as is often rumored)
Christened: 1955
Type: 4-4-0
Origin: Stolen from Knotts Berry Farm during a daring mid-day raid by a band of bandanna-masked owlhoots.

Engine No. 3, Fred G. Gurley
Named for: Fred G. Gurley
Christened: 1958
Type: 2-4-4T
Origin: Originally built in 1894, this engine was once used to haul sugarcane from Louisiana to New Orleans and back again, seemingly without purpose.

Engine No. 4, Ernest S. Marsh
Named for: All the marsh land that had to be drained to build Walt Disney World
Christened: 1959
Type: 2-4-0
Origin: The engine was built by Baldwin (the same folks who make the pianos) in 1925 and used to knock over trees for a lumber mill in New England.

Engine No. 5, Ward Kimball
Named for: A Disney animator who loved trains more than his wife
Christened: 2003
Type: Animated
Origin: The Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio had this lovely engine but refused to sell it. In a moment of stubbornness, Disney purchased the amusement park, fired everyone, took the engine, and left the rest of the park to the elements.

Engine No. 6, Captain Nemo
Named for: The fictional anarchistic sea captain
Christened: 2004
Type: 2-2-8
Origin: An old Submarine Voyage vehicle retrofitted with train wheels.

There are three kinds of cars available to be pulled by the Disneyland Railroad engines.

"Holiday" cars have seats set perpendicular to the direction of the engine's motion, facing into the park. They provide an excellent view of passing scenery, particularly the two dioramas. Occasionally, one of these cars will be attached to the train backwards and loaded with passengers who are being punished by not being allowed to see anything nice.

"Excursion" cars have seats facing forwards. They are fast to load and don't make as many passengers nauseous as "Holiday" cars.

"Cattle" cars are large box cars with no seats that can be packed with guests. After Disneyland received a rather curt letter from Amnesty International, these cars were largely retired, being brought out of mothballs only for Grad Night celebrations.

At one time, a fancy caboose was pulled by one of the engines. This caboose, named the Lilly Belle (because Walt Disney liked flowers and bells), was elegantly appointed, with velvet curtains and upholstery, stained-glass windows, brass rails, and free drinks for everyone. In one corner of the car was Captain Nemo's organ from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Executives and special guests could ride in the caboose for a luxurious view of the park, and it was (for a time) available as a "honeymoon suite" for couples who had just been married in the Magic Kingdom. After many years of faithful service, it was discovered that this grand car had become infested with termites. Local animal-rights groups became incensed when they found that Disney intended to exterminate the insects instead of relocating them, and while the issue was being battled out in court, the car was eaten into unusability.

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