Disneyland Railroad -- Operation

Cast members who operate the Disneyland Railroad are some of the park's most loyal -- in fact, some of them have been employed since the park's opening and are nearly as old as the trains they service. The engineers who run the trains also fuel and maintain them. They even machine new parts when old ones wear out, and lay new sections of track by hand.

Because the railroad is such a high-profile attraction, cast members are given special instructions regarding how they should interact with trains and their passengers. For cast members who are not on a train, the general rule is, "No matter what you are doing, smile and wave (S&W) at the train as it goes by." In 2001 this rule was modified with an exception for paramedics and firefighters engaged in life-saving (but not simply property-saving) duties, plain-clothes security officers who don't want to give their presence away by always waving at the train, and certain classes of amputees.

Cast members working on the Railroad are required to S&W when any of the following pass or are visible from the train:

  1. Train station
  2. Critter Country bridge
  3. Hungry Bear Restaurant
  4. Watercraft (canoes, boats, ducks)
  5. Festival Area
  6. Toontown bridge and "it's a small world"
  7. Autopia
  8. Dinosaurs
  9. Airplanes
  10. Oncoming trains

To ensure consistency, cast members must S&W whether or not guests are apparently present.

Disneyland Railroad
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