Street Performers of Years Gone By

Entertainment at Disneyland comes and goes with the seasons, availability, and guest complaints. Some notable acts are no longer in the park. A few of our favorites:

Wizard Acrobats tower o' guysA steel drum band sometimes performed atop the Jungle Cruise queue during the peak tourist season. They wore colorful costumes and played a variety of lively tunes. Unfortunately, they were not an authentic traditional steel drum band -- to our knowledge, they didn't even know traditional pieces arranged for the steel drum before 1930. They were eventually eliminated as part of Adventureland's trend toward more realistic attractions, such as Tarzan's Treehouse and Aladdin and Jasmine's Fairy Tale Reading Adventure. At around the same time, Jasmine and Friends' Belly Dancing Extravaganza was canceled, reducing Adventureland crowds by some 85%.

For many, many years a mime could be found in New Orleans Square. He sometimes carried a little umbrella. He sometimes rode a unicycle. He occasionally threw cheap plastic jewelry at kids and attractive young women. The mime was eventually retired after one too many non-American tourists mistook the silent white-faced man for an escapee from the Haunted Mansion and became hysterical (adding to the problem of American tourists who realized there was a mime in the park and became hysterical). He is currently unemployed but is available for parties, corporate events, and repo work.

The Wizard Acrobats (pictured at left) were a team of athletic young men capable of incredible physical feats. Members included contortionists, limbo masters, jump-rope experts, Olympic-quality acrobats, and a guy who did cartwheels while on fire and ate broken glass. The highlight of the show was when all fifteen members of the team formed an enormous human tower. They were released from park employment because the apparent ease with which they performed their superhuman displays was just crushing the ego of every mere mortal man who saw them.

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