Disney California Adventure

Disney Animation: Turtle Talk with Crush

November 2005

Join Crush, the orange-soda-drinking turtle from Finding Nemo for an interactive lecture on -- turtles! You'll watch Crush swim and cavort on a giant screen as he talks about wild turtles, domestic turtles, historic turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, Yertle the Turtle, turtles racing against rabbits, fake turtle soup, and chocolate and caramel mixed with pecans, all accompanied by his favorite song, "Happy Together" (by the Turtles, of course!)

And talk about interactivity! Children who walk up to Crush's screen and reach out a hand to touch the happy amphibian will be greeted by a booming voice that says, "STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN." It's fun!

Trivia: The entire animated production is computer generated with software written in the Logo programming language.

Trivia: The previous joke is so obscure that only six living computer nerds will get it.

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