Selected Books

Literally hundreds of books and magazines have been written about Walt Disney and his legacy. Here are a few of our favorites.

Disneyland, A Free Tour: The history of Disneyland as told through the ever-changing design of its eatery napkins.

The Über Official Guide to Disneyland: The absolutely, positively most official guide to the Disneyland resort you will find. Every entry has been carefully written and screened by Disney Corporation lawyers, combining a maximum of information with a minimum of liability. Six volumes. Twenty-third-grade reading level.

First Ticket Magazine: The premier magazine of all things in the original Disneyland, First Ticket Magazine maintains a sharp focus on the park as it was the day it opened in 1955. No rides or attractions are featured if they were added later in the park's history. Writers will not even admit that Walt Disney is dead. Subscribers must have been present at Disneyland on opening day. If you are thinking of subscribing, you should be warned that you will never receive your magazines since First Ticket continues to mail its publication using 1950s-appropriate postage.

Mickey Under Glass: Everything you wanted to know (or didn't particularly want to know, or wish you didn't know) about food in the Disney parks. Includes a frank discussion of the controversy that arose when certain religious groups accused Disney chefs of sneaking "subliminal" ingredients into their creations.

Walt Disney: Hollywood's Evil Satanic Genius: A disgruntled hack whose journalistic credentials belong at the bottom of a bird cage goes on and on about Walt Disney's supposed evil ways without bothering to check any facts. The book insists that Disney had a vast estate which he called Neverland, kept wild animals as pets, liked to have young boys stay overnight and sleep in his bed, had repeated plastic surgery sessions until his face was almost unrecognizable, and was best friends with a chimp. Give me a break!

Rodent Tracks: An "insider's" look at Disneyland, told through dozens of interviews with people who knew people who had a friend who once knew someone who had something interesting to say about Disneyland.

Disneyland Resort: Magical Memories for $23.65: A photographic memento with suggestions on how a day at the park can best be remembered. Contains no photos of whining kids, sore feet, or lines. Note that the "$23.65" of the title is the price of the book.

Disneyland on $25 a Day: A blank book.

Books covered in more detail
DisneyWar by Jimmy Stewart

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